Privacy Lunch – Thu, April 11, 2013 (11am)

Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Petit (University of Twente and UC Berkeley)

Title: Security and Privacy of V2X Communication: Overview of the PRESERVE project

The European FP7 PRESERVE project contributes to the security and privacy
of future vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
systems by addressing critical issues like performance, scalability, and
deployability of V2X security systems. In this presentation, I will
detail the context, challenges, goals and preliminary results of PRESERVE.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Jonathan Petit received his PhD degree in Networks, Systems and Architecture
from the University of Toulouse, France, in 2011. He is currently a Senior
Researcher in the Distributed and Embedded Security group at the University of
Twente, Netherlands. He is technical coordinator of the European PRESERVE project.
His research interests include security and privacy, ITS, wireless and vehicular

Privacy Lunch will be held at PARC