Privacy Lunch – January 17, 2013 (11am)

Speaker: Dr. Prateek Mittal (UC Berkeley)

Title: Trustworthy Communications Using Social Networks

We show that social networks can improve user privacy! We present
Pisces, a system for anonymous communication that leverages users’
trusted social contacts. Pisces minimizes an attacker's ability to
compromise user anonymity by explicitly considering social trust in
the design of anonymous paths. Pisces is secure against a colluding
byzantine adversary, and provides better anonymity than Tor.

Second, we show that it is possible to enable the design of social
network based systems (such as Pisces), while protecting the privacy
of users’ social contacts. Our approach is to perturb the social
network graph, by removing existing edges and adding fake edges, such
that the local community structures in the network are preserved. We
characterize utility and privacy of such perturbed graphs.

Speaker Bio:
Prateek Mittal is a postdoctoral scholar in Electrical Engineering and
Computer Sciences at the University of California Berkeley, working
with Prof. Dawn Song. He obtained his PhD from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign. He is interested in building secure and privacy
preserving systems. His current interests include the domains of privacy
enhancing technologies, trustworthy social systems, and Internet and
network security. His research draws on techniques from applied
cryptography, computer networks and distributed systems, large scale
machine learning and complex networks/network science.

Privacy Lunch will be held at PARC