If you are a visual communicator, you might be interested in a new product our lab is developing.

VMail, or Visual Email, is an extension of regular text-based email. VMail makes it easy to include images, graphics, and markup in the body of email messages.

VMail is email that shows what you mean.

VMail includes many of the image editing capabilities of ScanScribe and more, but with finish and packaging aiming toward a mainstream product.

Learn more at the VMail landing page:

ScanScribe is a research prototype document image editor
that makes it easy to extract, manipulate, and combine sketches,
handwritten notes, whiteboard images, screen snapshots, and
scanned documents.

ScanScribe advances three main ideas:

ScanScribe is an application of the Perceptual Document
Analysis Area, in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory,
Palo Alto Research Center.

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