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ILU IOR Parser

This form will take a CORBA IOR, and summarize the contents. It does this by running the ILU utility program `parseIOR' on the IOR, which in turn uses the ILU library's IOR parsing code. The program will accept IORs beginning with either "IOR:" or "IOR2:".

The normal parse will return a brief summary of the contents of the IOR consisting of the object key, the most-specific-type ID of the object (if it's present, and if the type of remote ORB is identifiable, and if that ORB is known to always put the most-specific-type ID in the IOR), a guess at the kind of ORB supporting the object, information about the protocol to use to talk to the object, and, for IIOP, the hostname and port number of the server. The verbose parse will return all of the above, but will also enable a series of debugging messages in the ILU code which will display additional information about the exact structure of the IOR's contents.

This was temporarily broken after we upgraded our servers in August of 2008, but should be back to normal now. First re-compilation of ILU at PARC in 6 years.

The IOR you wish to parse: